A restaurant five and a halfmeters
below the surface in Norway, exposing you to thewonders beneath the sea
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Located at the southernmost point of the Norwegian coastline, where the sea storms from the north and south meet, Under is situated at a unique confluence.
Under Europe's first underwater restaurant
Marine species flourish here in the both briny and brackish waters to create a natural abundance in biodiversity at the site, as well as fresh produce for the chef’s menu.
The restaurant also functions as a research center for marine life, providing a tribute to the wild fauna of the sea and to the rocky coastline of Norway’s southern tip.
In Norwegian, "under" has the dual meaning of "below" and "wonder." Half-sunken into the sea, the building’s 34-meter long monolithic form breaks the surface of the water to rest directly on the seabed five meters below.
The structure is designed to fully integrate into its marine environment over time, as the roughness of the concrete shell functions as an artificial reef, welcoming limpets and kelp to inhabit it. With the thick concrete walls lying against the craggy shoreline, the structure is built to withstand pressure and shock from the rugged sea conditions.
Lindesnes, Norway
58°02′27″N7°09′17″E / 58.0409°N 7.1546°E / 58.0409; 7.1546
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